I am diagnosed bipolar, and I have been dating my boyfriend for a little over a year and he is a wonderful man. That said, we are having a lot of issues with my roller coaster moods right now and I am scared. I have asked him to research bipolar so he can understand and be supportive and he just doesn't like to read. He is very mellow, laid back, and doesn't get mad at me, even when I screw up really bad. But when I'm falling apart he doesn't react either, he just plows along happy with life and not affected by my tears or ranting.

I need affection and he isn't very affectionate, he is getting better, but i am in the middle of a manic episode and need affection so bad right now, i honestly get so overwhelmed with just the need to be held that i cant think of anything else.
I took him with me last week when I met my new psychiatrist for the first time. I asked my "new psychiatrist" to give my boyfriend a good explanation of what Bipolar means. I found after the explanation that it was not a good idea He is not good at explaining bipolar (and an idiot), and i feel that his odd and nearly 6th grade explanation did more damage then good.
I think my boyfriend will respond better once he is told how to respond by a professional, he just needs guidance by someone other then the crazy girl he is living with. Guide me.....please


Hi pryncess,

sorry you're not feeling supported. I think it's a good thing your BF is a calm person but like you said - there's the down side of not being emotional enough. Since it didn't work out with your doctor, I think your BF has to do some reading. Maybe you can print some info out for him and buy a good book.

You can also tell him specifically what you need - you may need to spell it out to him. You can also help by learning self soothing techniques, so you can help yourself. What would you do if you were by yourself?

Maybe you can explain it this way - "if I had diabetes, wouldn't you like to learn what to do if my blood sugar was down"? He would probably say yes - therefore he needs to treat this as a bonifided illness. Here are some good links:




I would suggest going on youtube.com and other video sites and finding people who you think explain your condition well. And present these to your bf. Make sure to save them for future reference. Also, you might try looking on the discovery channel and TLC they usually always have good specials about all kinds of conditions. Scientific American Frontier is also a good show with different topics, all these have 2 have some good material on bi polar disorder. good luck