I know that everyone is different. That being said, I'm wanting to ask other people with bipolar (I or II) how long the manic or hypo manic episodes typically last for them. And here's why:

I'm a recovering alcoholic that was diagnosed bipolar 2 years ago and am now in a manic phase. Never would have bothered me before getting sober because I was too numb to feel it. But now, sober, I feel everything and everything is very overwhelming. I haven't gotten more than 3 hours of sleep in 38 days, to date, I hardly eat and I'm terribly distracted to the point that it's wholly interfering with my job. If I only knew what kind of average to look forward to as to when this might run its course I can use it as a goal to work towards, you know?

I am working with my p-doc as well, we're tweaking my medications to try to get me under control - but so far, it's been little help. If you have any experience or insight you'd be willing to share, I would certainly appreciate you taking the time to do so!


Hi - sorry you're going through a turbulent stage. Far as I know it varies and I recommend posting this in our forum section - we have a Bipolar forum and you can join by clicking on Community. Good you're seeing a PDoc and trying to get stable with meds. Here's a good article on the subject by PC's Dr. John Grohol.


Thank you for the advice - I will look I to the forum and check out the article. Thanks again!

And it does work.

If it still does not work.

I take about seven different meds.

My doctor increased the meds I take mostly depakote.

Then talk to your doctor and see if s/he can prescribe a combination of meds that can gets you to sleep.

Because I have bipolar and hypo-mania as well.

You need to make sure that you are not drinking at all because you will be on these meds ever + two days!!!

If you are drinking!

Then the meds will not work nor help you at all.

I know from personnel experience!

No alcohol whatsoever, not a part of my life anymore. I will talk to my doc about medication choices - thanks for the input!

I should add that I've been sober now for two years. No relapses.

I'm sorry to hear this, I hope that you get better! Love you!

I'm also sorry to hear about your bipolar issue. I am a parent of a teenager that is in a psych hospital right now and it seems like she will be diagnosed with bipolar with mania episodes. Like you, she does not sleep...she has probably slept 5 hours in the last 1.5wks and she lost 10lbs in 1wk. we read the article of the average duration of a bipolar episode and appreciate the information that resulted from your posting. we wish you the best.