I'm starting to see signs that my boyfriend might be bipolar. He's been great for months, but a few weeks ago (his birthday), he just changed. His behaviors are so odd that I have kept a diary, and he seems to be repeating the same behaviors at the same time of year....change of seasons, holidays, birthdays.

Can bipolar disorder be seasonal?



smart idea keeping a diary. I don't know if bipolar is seasonal. But I could see how birthdays/holidays etc. could intensify his moods, especially if his issues are family oriented - since those days involve family.

There is another depression called seasonal affective disorder and this brings increased depression in the winter months - but I don't think that's what you're referring to. Does your BF takes medication for this? Best of luck to you both.

He doesn't take anything and I don't think he has recognized that he has a problem at all yet. I only just recognized it myself. I thought he was just lying to me....but his behaviors are so "polar" opposite that it just makes sense. But he can be "up" for several months, and then it's like he just crashes and crawls into a hole. We'll have a conversation where he cries and says he can't handle this or that or whatever it is and then he won't respond or call for days. Then he's back and he's fine and doesn't really seem to understand the devastation he caused. And I do get the "this isn't about you...my feelngs for you have not changed" response. He doesn't understand what it does to me. All he can feel and see is his own world. And then he's back. It's scaring the hell out of me to be honest. I don't know how to help him or if I can.

If he seams depressed just in the winter months, then it could be seasonal affective disorder. Talk to him calmly and ask him if he would be willing to talk to a doctor about his mood changes. A doctor is the only one who can diagnose him properly and tell him what kind of depression he has. Does he have any explanation why he's acting this way? Do any of his family members notice his moods and are they concerned at all?

Bipolar is not seasonal, but there is such a thing called seasonal affective disorder.

Hope this helps.



I dont know about the seasons but i know around this house i can tell you when its a full moon without seeing the sky. and It will last three days :(