I am very worried about my 30 year old bipolar son. He's in the Army. He's had problems his whole life but we have worked through them. He has a major problem separating "real" and "fantasy". He has lied so much that "his" reality isn't real at all. He takes on "roles" and is now acting like the shooter from the CT school shootings. He's claiming HE has shot women and children. He told me he is a mass murderer. He is on meds but they don't seem to be working. I am so worried! He is becoming more and more violent in his thoughts. He is due to be discharged (for mental issues) by October 2013, the process has started and he is more or less on base lock down. I am fearful that when he gets out he will carry out these fantasies!! I can't let him come live with us, I'd be afraid to close my eyes at night. His wife has left him and taken his kids. I am fearful for them as well. Should I call the Army base and tell them my concerns? I am scared for him and the world.



I am so sorry to hear of all this. As a parent, I can only imagine how hard it is for you.

My answer is yes, you should notify the Army of what your son has threatened. It is very possible that being in the Army has triggered some of this. He may only be verbalizing thoughts but still, one should never take any threats like this lightly. You do have cause for concern as do his wife and kids and so I do think you need to be proactive in getting him the help he needs, which may be some time as an inpatient to help get him into a more stable state of mind. Bipolar is a hard condition for both patient and loved ones, but many people who have it do manage to lead fairly balanced lives, if on the correct treatment/meds.

I do hope things work out ok for all of you

It might be prudent to also let your local authorities know his release date. If for chance the army decides they don't feel they can help him any longer, you need to have a plan ready for when he does get released. If you have legitimate concerns and are in fear of you or your family's safety, then you need to let the police know from your area. They can help you put together a plan to help your son get the treatment he needs. I agree with Chemar, a residential facility may be exactly what he needs to get himself on track and will allow for the right meds to start doing their job, notifying the authorities of your concerns will allow for professional and safe intervention. In a case like this, it is so crucial to be PRO-ACTIVE instead of RE-ACTIVE, for both the safety of you and your son. Don't hesitate to act on this. You are doing it out of love, and by bringing it outside help you will be getting fresh eyes on the situation, and you will increase the visibiltiy of the conflicts you are dealing wit. when your son does get treatment and regains his clarity, he will most likely see that.

Be safe and be well.