I was diagnosed with biploar disorder II about 3 or 4 years ago. But I've been reading up on what the symptoms are for bipolar II disorder and I have most of them but I also have other symptoms that interfere with my life, that I didnt see listed. I have so much anger which makes me so depressed because this anger comes out in the worst ways. I physically, finacially, emotionally, and verbally abuse my husband and I dont know if has to do do with being bipolar or if its something else. Does Bipolar Disorder II have symptoms of being depressed, angry, worthless, guilty, and irritable all the time? And if not what does? Please help!!


Dear Nicole,

All symptoms can happen with Bipolar II (and I, what I have).

The longer you have the disease the easier it becomes to handle it making life more comfortable for you and your partner. Recognize the symptoms and what to do about it. Talk with your therapist just about everything and find out together with her/him what's the best therapy('s). Take care!


My wife's parent have been married 49 years. Her mother (71)has been on/off bipolar medications for many years. She has a history of being verbally abusive, controlling, and financially irresponsible. Her husband (77) is a very gentle, passive person. Over the past five years her behavior has slowly deteriorated and now includes episodes of physical abuse. She acts like a schoolyard bully, controls the checkbook and credit cards until they filed bankruptcy last week. Despite her regular sessions with psychologists and psychiatrists, her behavior continues to worsen. She doesn't exhibit signs of Alzheimer's. From my view point, she realizes her behavior is wrong. However, she is totally incapable of acknowledging/admitting what she is doing. Instead, she spends most of her time writing post-it notes filled with negative content about her sisters, husband, children, and even grandchildren. She is the eternal victim and seems incapable of finding any peace and joy in her life. She is becoming more and more filled with rage, anger, resentment and unfounded animosity. Most of this negative energy is directed at the people who objectively attempt to intervene during the abuse. Her husband is afraid to say anything and resembles a kicked puppy dog returning for more. Her sisters have washed their hands of her and her 3 children want her to receive inpatient treatment. She refuses to admit she is wrong, but knows she is. I do not mean to presume this situation is similar to yours. However, I also question whether or not the rage and abusive episodes are even related to the Bipolar diagnosis. I think there is something else at work here. The only medications which seem to have any positive effects are the strong sedatives. She is taking a lot of prescription medications for hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, plus many supplements. She does take Dextropropoxyphene multiple times a day which is used to treat mild to moderate pain. It is possible that pharmacology could be worsening the Bipolar symptoms to include rage, anger, and violence. Finally, I believe she needs a better support group involved with her regular treatments. She will not allow anyone to communicate with her treatment team. I hope we can find an answer to this issue.


As I read your answer I visualized me and my husband in the future as your wife's parents and it didnt strike me as something far out of the realm or reality.

Hi Nicole,

Everyone has great answers here. I would indeed talk to your therapist about the physical, emotional, etc. abuse you are giving and all the other issues with the Bipolar II you are having and see what can be done.

The longer you wait, the worse it will be.



Hi Nicole,

I am 40 & suffer from what was said to be mild depression & anxiety. I feel like I have more anxiety. I seen the dr a few days ago & she mentioned bipolar II. I have a lot of these symptons. I tried zyprexa for 2 days & slept all day & had racing heart. I'm so confused! This disorder is really affecting my job. I need to find a support group to see what other people experience. I am so motivated & driven, successful at work but I seem to crash & burn & can't function. What is normal? I'm also confused about bipolar II symptons & medications