I've been recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder , but there's a problem with that: I'm not depressed. My mood is usually pretty flat but I AM prone to angry outbursts and I've gotten into fights with much larger men in bars though I'll never get in trouble since people automatically side with the 95 lb girl. I tend to dislike most people but I find many of them have their uses so I keep them around until I'm tired of them and then I change my voice whenever they try calling convince them that they have the wrong number. My doctor wants me on meds for bipolar which I refuse to take because I AM NOT CONVINCED I HAVE BIPOLAR DISORDER!


It is definetly difficult to accept a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. It is important to remember however that doctors prescribe things like mood stabilizers off label all the time. If you have problems with elevated mood and outbursts than a mood stabilizer might be right for you even if you are not bipolar. Also always remember that your the boss but she/he is still a doctor. If she prescribes a med that might work, take it for a few weeks then if don't like it, it is your perogative to tell your doctor you don't want to take it anymore.

Hope this helps!


If you don't believe you're bipolar, then the proper person to talk to would be your doctor. Tell him WHY you don't think you're bipolar and challenge HIM in a respectful and calm way. This is YOUR treatment and you need to stay involved and informed. You should know why he's given you that diagnosis.



I agree with Edahn. Let him know how you feel and explain it nicely and politely as possible.

Good things can happen.