I was abused as a child, followed by a sexual assault. I have been turned inside out, have trouble with reality vs. dreams, memory, inability to function, etc. I am afraid to go deep into mental help assistance for two reasons. I am a psychology major (senior), and may not ever get a job. I am in the middle of a custody battle and my children are my life. What am I to do? HELP!


Hi there--

Since you are a psychology major, I know I can talk to you about some things below pertaining to your privacy.

Well, you know that they cannot release your information, without informed consent, unless you plan on hurting yourself or others, they can barely mention your name, even in passing.

HIPAA is set up to help for such things as this. While HIPAA may not be the cat's meow (so to speak) it is beneficial to a degree.

I have mental health issues myself (Major Depressive Disorder and OCD), but I work at PsychCentral and have held many jobs dealing with many different things. I have had therapy and am on medication--which means it can be done!

If you dont get help, you may lose your children more than you would by keeping it all in.

Please seek the help as soon as possible.



I'm sorry you are feeling so trapped. Yes, you must take care of yourself, and it sounds like you know you need psychological help. You won't be able to safely help others until you do so, even if it's hidden from the establishment.

There are many health care professionals that suffer from one malady or another. The point is to become as healthy and stable a person as one can be and do your best.

It sounds like you are "catastrophizing," by the way. Things might not be as terrible as you feel they are. (((hugs))) If you begin now to remedy any problems, you are on your way to making things good for you and your children.

Good wishes


I have one suggestion for you. I am studying psych. as well, so it is very hard when you have mental issues. I have a less severe case of MPD and Epilepsy, and some see that as something holding you back from getting a job. However, there are plenty of jobs you can get even if you cannot be an actual psychiatrist/psychologist. You could get into therapy, or run therapy groups. It's actually a pretty high paying job. Another therapy group is looking into hiring me when I graduate, and for every session I do with a client (1 hour) I would get paid 65 dollars. Times that by 5 or 6 (or more) sessions a day, that's a pretty good amount of money. If I host therapy groups, I get paid 35 per client times every hour. If you work for the state, you are also looking at good money.

As long as you are mentally "stable" you can still have your desired job. You probably know this now, but there are tests to pass. Just because you fail once, doesn't mean you can't try again. Maybe see a therapist yourself to help you become stable. You will get there. I am very stable at the moment due to my therapist helping me through my life. My psychologist mentor has had extreme depression issues and she is still in the field.