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I can't stop exposing myself or looking at porn. I have been doing this since age 7, now I am 39. I always make the exposing look accidental, by just wearing loose basketball shorts, and boxers. I always position myself in a way to give a girl a clear shot of my penis, and just wait for their reaction. Sometimes they will look for a long time, sometimes they will tell me, and two times they have shown themselves back to me. I was arrested 2 different times for this in my past. 10 years ago and 5 years ago. My arrests made the local news, I went to jail. I lost my jobs both times, and m Read More »
I am very worried about my 30 year old bipolar son. He's in the Army. He's had problems his whole life but we have worked through them. He has a major problem separating "real" and "fantasy". He has lied so much that "his" reality isn't real at all. He takes on "roles" and is now acting like the shooter from the CT school shootings. He's claiming HE has shot women and children. He told me he is a mass murderer. He is on meds but they don't seem to be working. I am so worried! He is becoming more and more violent in his thoughts. He is due to be discharged (for mental issues) by October Read More »

Situation is that I have an 84 yr old mother living with a fifty something brother that has a history of bipolar or schizophrenia. It is hard to know what exactly the diagnosis is from my mom. They live in another state 2 doors from my sister. The brother makes irrational associations between things. For example, he went into a tirade on the phone saying that my sister's dogs and dirty (not) house are the reason the baby had to go to the ER. Not true, totally unrelated to need for visit. He will be fine for a while then starts to get more agitated and then can become verbally abusive,shouting Read More »
Last summer, my older sister passed away due to drugs, it came down on me very hard, and I fell in a state of depression for a couple months. Recently, (this started about 5 months ago) I've been having drastic mood swings ranging between extreme depression to being on top of the world. Even more recently, about last month, I've been getting extreme feelings of paranoia, (ie. The feeling of being watched etc.) When I was about 10 1/2 I was going to a therapist because my parents had gotten divorced, and I abseloutely hated it, she would say "I won't repeat anything" and then go and tell my pa Read More »
I'm diagnosed with cyclothymia and severe depression.

Right now I've been depressed for the last 2 years or so.
I'm wondering if anyone can tell the difference, and figure out what might be actual psychotic depression, rather than the general paranoid depression?

Personally my depression is generally pretty sane and thus very dull.
However it gets more 'exciting' in the agitating way, when it gets more symptoms.

Right now I feel as though my phone and room are bugged and my house mate is spying on me for some reason. Not enough to not be in the room but enough for me to feel like e Read More »
I know that everyone is different. That being said, I'm wanting to ask other people with bipolar (I or II) how long the manic or hypo manic episodes typically last for them. And here's why:

I'm a recovering alcoholic that was diagnosed bipolar 2 years ago and am now in a manic phase. Never would have bothered me before getting sober because I was too numb to feel it. But now, sober, I feel everything and everything is very overwhelming. I haven't gotten more than 3 hours of sleep in 38 days, to date, I hardly eat and I'm terribly distracted to the point that it's wholly interfering with my Read More »
During about the past year, I've been having awful mood swings. I've been telling myself that it's just because I'm a 16-year-old girl, but it had never been like this. There are inconsistant periods of time (anywhere from 5 days to a month) where i feel hyper and great and barely sleep because I don't want or need to. I feel great, singing to people and cheering them up. But then, without any warning, I completely crash. I sleep for upwards of 12 hours at a time and I just lay in bed being crushingly sad when I am awake. I'm always tired, and I've already gotten in trouble at school multiple Read More »
Do you think it would be possible that I have Bipolar Disorder or Cyclothymia? Lately I have been noticing that my mood constantly change between happy, engergetic, jittery, and having a lot if fun, and depressed, tired, wanting to lay down, not wanting to talk to anyone, thinking that I am miserable and hopeless and that I am only going to be unhappy for the rest of my life. If sometimes changes within an hour, sometimes it takes a day, and sometimes it remains mainly for about 4 days with a few happy or normal short periods during it. The main reason why I am questioning wether I have it or Read More »
Hi, im camryn (female) and im 15.. im posting because i want to know whats up

3 years ago i cut up my arm real bad because i felt like it. I had no reason and no excuse. My mom and dad found out and talked it through. made me promise to tell them next time.

through those 3 years i relized nothing got better but only worse. I constantly feel liek a weight is in my heart and a knife is in my back. The feeling of dying is always there
my friend(s) came to me. Told me i need to 'get over myself'...

2 nights ago i cut myself again witth scissors. it hurt but almsot felt good. and i e Read More »
Hi - Am currently undergoing weekly ECT (electro-convulsive therapy - yes shock treatments). Have had multiple 70+ over the past several years. Am wondering if anyone has experienced some of the side effects I am such as mania and memory loss? I know memory loss is very common, but I have been taking both Aricept and Namenda (for memory loss) and am only in my early 40's and feel my memory is consistently getting worse. Anyone have any experience with ECT? PLEASE no bashing of ECT's - I know there are pro's and con's I just want some sharing of experiences. Thanks Read More »