Over the past few months my wife has suddenly become paranoid and delusional. She is scared of everything around her, and blames me for everything that she is feeling. As a result, I have been unable to get her to a psychiatrist because she does not trust me. She is getting worse by the day, and we have two children under 10 yrs. old. She thinks people are trying to harm or kill her. Because she thinks I'm the problem, she threatens divorce every day. I'm concerned for her health, and I want her to get help. She will not do it because she thinks she will get locked up somewhere if she talks to a doctor. She also has developed feelings for a man who lives down the road. She thinks he is the only one helping her, however she does not actually talk to him. Can you give me some advice about what I can do, and maybe what she is suffering from?


Could this be what she's suffering from? Does it sound familiar?


I understand that communicating with her is difficult. Still, some suggestions: try not to argue with your loved one if she has delusions; do not make fun of or criticize her; and especially do not act alarmed. Remain calm, cool and collected. The calmer you are, the better you'll be able to handle this situation.

Are you afraid of divorce and its consequences? I suppose she could file in a divorce, but I don't think certifiably insane persons could be taken seriously when it comes to legal action. What are the legal circumstances regarding that? Even if you are afraid of being taken to the court, it might do well if you know a few things about the law, so you might be able to stand by your rights. I see that you want to save the marriage and your spouse to recover. It's going to be difficult so you should prepare to hope for the best, while expecting the worst.

That's all I can say. Maybe some folks better informed in psychiatry than me can fill in.


Hi there,

Max hit it on the head. You have to be very careful with how you handle things, but I would definitely make sure she could/can get treated if possible.

You could go with her and be in the room with her if it would help.



MSUP1, I'm glad you are seeking help for your wife. It might not be a mental disorder at all, but something hormonal. It will be easier I think to have her go to her medical doctor for an "annual" physical. Go with her, and talk with the doctor with her in the office. Ask for referrals, and let the doctor know that she fears being locked up.

Generally, doctors can ease a patient's fears of that, when they won't listen to a relative. The therapist could also talk to her on the phone to help ease her fears enough so she'll go and talk in session.

Good wishes on this. Please do perservere. Even if you have to "misspeak" and take her to the doctor under the guise of something else.