I'm 13 today, I'm a straight a student since first grade.in school we take physics, chemistry, and biology at the same time. Im always nervous and i forget many stuff.My grades weren't that good. I got my report card and my percentage was a 93% I cried so hard almost the whole school new and I'm very sensitive so I while eventually cry. I had an 80% in history but there straight as so they changed it to a 100%. Then my final percentage changed it to a 98% I cried for happiness. Then they changed it to a 94.64%, I cried so much because I've never taken a report card less then a 97%. I was really said I feel depressed and stressed and my exams are next week. Help please


Hi - are you temporarily depressed because of your grades or have you been feeling this way for a while? Seems like you have high expectations of yourself, but try not to take it hard. Just identify what made your grades come down and try harder next time.

Take care of yourself with eating well and exercising since this can affect performance too. Fine tune your studying, put your worries aside and if you do well with the exams...you can make your average rise. If you don't feel better soon, speak with your parents or school counselor. Best of luck.

Hi Mememini – first of all, Happy Birthday! Chill! If you were my child I would be very proud of you getting an average over 90%!!!!! Stop being so hard on yourself. Whilst it is important to do the best you can, sometimes grades do slip, but you are only 13 and have a long way to go yet. You have plenty of time to improve if you can – but you will not improve if you stress yourself out. If you stress yourself out you put up a barrier to stop you brain overloading itself and you will not be able to take things in, you won’t be able to process information and you will not be able to retain information. It is like a safety mechanism, to protect yourself. As long as you do the best you can, that is all a person can ask, of others and of yourself. If you do not get the grades you want and think you can do better, you can do something about it. You can either improve for next time, re-sit, or go on to further education when older and take higher qualifications. You are not a failure. The only time you fail, is when you stop trying. You have a lifetime ahead of you!

One thing I can tell you, when my brain gets so full of information, any new stuff does not get processed, information just sort of goes in then straight out again, without any retention. I have to ditch useless information that I don’t need. That is stuff like everyday things that I do not need to think about, things that I can’t change so it is pointless keeping them in my head and obsessing over them, things that do not really matter anyway. When I have less to think about and de-stress, I can take more information in. If you are crying about your grades, you are way too stressed.

Look at what you can improve for next time. Your grades are what they are, for now. Stop obsessing over them. At 13 you have other things to think about too, like enjoying your teenage years. Okay, think about that when your exams are over, but if you do not chill, when you revise before your exams you will stress out even more. Just concentrate on one thing at a time. Revise for what subjects you need to. If necessary set yourself a revision schedule, which is sensible. Stick to it, but do not do anymore than is necessary otherwise you will get too tired and stress-out. When revising it is important to have switch-off and wind-down time too.

Chill. If you don’t your head will explode.

Best wishes x


You are a wonderful student. I wish that you would not be so distressed and saddened because of this grade, because it is a wonderful grade despite what you think. There are many other things in life that you could focus more to like your family and pets and the outdoors. If someone else got a 94 percent would you call them a failure? I would hope not. You have too high expectations of yourself. There are times when you will get lower grades than you are used to and that does not mean anything. That is life. Also a 94 is a wonderful grade and in high school the only thing that really matters is your GPA. With a GPA an A is an A. That means that whether it is a 90 or a 105 it counts the exact same so don't stress about it. You are very intelligent but if you keep this up you will be setting yourself up for failure because nothing will ever be good enough for you. Keep your chin up sweetheart.