I have never been diognosed or treated for any kind of mental illness. For awile i have experienced a out of body feeling. My thoughts just dissapear, my mind just goes blank and i feel like im gone for awile. Like i just lost a piece of time. I can't remeber a lot even if it was 5min ago. I Sometimes have auditorial and visual distorted haullucinations. At times im calm and mabye sad about something, the next im kinduv hyper and i can't sit still. I sleep to much or i have trouble sleeping. Im lightheaded alot and dizzy, sometimes it makes me ? reality. I feel sick alot. At times i want to stay in my house around no one and others i wanna go cliff diving. I was just wondering if anybody has had similar experience and what they did about it? or if its a problem or a mental issue? and point me in the right direction?
btw im 22,female,white, 5'3 and bout 115pd


Hi there

no! having the symptoms you describe is not normal and so you really should visit your doctor for a general checkup first, and then see if the doc feels you need a referral to a mental health professional.

There are so many things ranging from concussions to infections to poisoning (lead, mold etc in buildings) plus hormonal imbalances or other physiological or psychological issues that can impact mental health. So it really would be wise to start with your doctor and go from there.

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My original reply to your question, though much more thorough basically stated my opinion that you might, like myself, be suffering from Bipolar disorder.