My 18 year old brother stays up all night long, everyday. He sleeps all day. He has no job, has not graduated high school and plays his games all night, when he is awake. He smoked some "bad" pot one night, and ever since then has had severe anxiety. I think the "pot" he speaks of has nothing to do with it, it's a downer and would make him chill out unless it was laced with something. Anyway.. My parents are at their wits end. They don't know what to do, and they think he'll be living with them forever. Last night he woke my parents up at 3 AM screaming he was having an anxiety attack. He does this either nightly, a few days a week, or once a week. He drank a whole pot of coffee last night, drinks ALOT of caffeine and then complains about the anxiety? My mother thinks he is becoming schizophrenic because last night he was not making sense and kept contradicting himself and was telling my Mother she should not take Tylenol PM's because it has "BAD" things in them -- and wouldn't take his pills the doctor prescribed him because he read the "side effects" yet he pops any other pill like its candy & wanted to go to the ER last night. That gets expensive, and he doesn't pay for it. What do we do? Therapists,Psychiatrists, etc. have never helped our whole family life together.


I know this is very trying for your family. And this is when he needed your family most. He needs a lot of love, patience, support and of course a lot of help - therapy,etc. Do you have somewhere you could seek help from, besides getting him to do regular therapy, like talking to pastor or social worker. Talking to someone could help you and your family to at least takes off some stress and worries.

If he is open to healing - there are a lot of sites that he could source info and help from.

I have a brother who is like that. Unfortunately I was too young to know what is best to do and seek help before it gets too late. He got worst and now locked up permanently in a mental institution.

I wish you and your family will find help.

May God Bless you and your family.

Could you find a way to discuss this with a preacher, a social worker, or some sort of counselor?

I hate to say this, because you dont want to do so, but you may have to consider therapy.

Also, it is possible he is still doing drugs or something--one bad trip wouldnt just change his life forever.