I feel as though my brain and my body are two separate people when it comes to emotions. My body shows responses to the emotions (ex. smiling when happy, heart racing when scared or when loving my child, pit in stomach feeling when something frightening just happened, laughing at funny things) but my mind won't recognize the actual emotions. I haven't always been like this but it started around 15 months ago right after I had my baby. Sometimes, things also feel very unreal to me. I suffer from depression, anxiety and I'm pretty sure paranoia. My anger is actually the only emotion my mind seems to recognize, which is almost constantly over nothing.


Hi - some women go through Postpartum Depression ....there's also the more serious Postpartum Psychosis. Both are caused by an imbalance of hormones. Pregnancy is amazing but also very hard on the body/mind...so its takes time to adjust. Please share with your doctor how you're feeling. Depression and anxiety can mask all the pleasurable emotions. Anxiety can give you that out of body feeling, where you know you should be feeling positive but are overwhelmed by the physical symptoms, such as rapid heart rate and butterflies in the stomach.

Make an appt to consult with your doctor. Be good to yourself by eating healthy, moderate exercise and getting enough sleep. Its also good to give yourself a break by asking trusted family to babysit. Best of luck to you and your baby.


good advice from Bella as yes, Post Partum issues can be very disruptive for many women and so you do need to consult with your physician on this and let them know exactly what you are experiencing so that, if necessary, they can run hormonal tests and maybe even refer you to therapy for a while till your system stabilizes again