SORRY THIS IS A LOT TO READ! IF YOU TOOK THE TIME TO READ IT THAT WILL BE GREAT BUT IF YOU DIDN'T . . . I completely understand people always ignore anyways . . . ;(

Okay vacation ended about 3 days ago and I can't really bring myself to go to school to face everyone. The fact is that I'm overweight because in my previous doctor visits, my doctor's told me to start drinking more water and exercise regularly. I'm a very shy person at school and have almost no friends since they've either moved away or just started ignoring me. It doesn't really help that I can feel the stares they give me when I pass by them and my family has always made jokes in front of me of the fact that I'm chubby and they laugh at me and they hurt my feelings because I'm not really content with myself and it just confirms my fears about what they think about me. Especially my mom, since I overheard her saying that she's disappointed at me and that I'm fat and I need to lose weight. I kind of feel like shouting at her that I know because my old clothes don't fit me at all anymore.

I don't know why but whenever I come back from a long break from school I make up excuses not to go. It's just that I feel like everyone's watching and see me mess up and my palms get all sweaty and I start breathing really fast and I begged my mom not to let me go because I felt trapped (I'm claustrophobic) like something bad was going to happen, I felt like something was crawling all over my skin. I just wanted to get away.

I return to school tomorrow and I feel really anxious and I feel like I need to get help. Sometimes I have flashbacks from when I was bullied because of how I looked and everything. Mostly I think the world would be better if I hadn't been born such as not to cause anybody anymore problems than I already have.

PLEASE! I'm begging you! Your the only last source of help that I have right now!!!!!!! Does anybody have any advice?? :(


Hi shybookworm12 - I'm really sorry you're feeling upset and anxious. Although I'm older than you, I can relate to feeling anxious about returning to school because I was very shy. I wasn't bullied but can understand how this makes school seem scary. Its also wrong for your family to joke or make critical comments. The good news is, you can learn to eat properly and start easing yourself into exercise.

How's the weight of the rest of your family - often the parents aren't preparing or buying healthy food choices and usually other member have weight problems too. Its better to come up with a healthy plan, than continue this cycle. Have a calm talk with your mom and tell her how this hurts your feelings and how you're struggling with anxiety. I hope she'll get you the right help and you can also speak with your school counselor. You should go to school because it will only snowball if you don't go back. You can change your life with the right guidance - hugs to you.

Facing what we fear is the hardest thing we have to do. I'm sorry that you have been bullied about your weight and that your family has been cruel to you. There are a lot of factors that go into weight including hormones, genetics, diet, thyroid, exercise, etc. Have you been to your doctor about your weight? It is possible a medical condition is making it hard for you to lose weight or even making it sure you will gain weight. It is best to rule that out and also get some tips from the doctor about how to begin an exercise program. If you get bullied at school please talk to your school counselor or a teacher. That is what they are there for. And if things get tough at home you can always talk to a school counselor or teacher about that too. Right now it feels like everyone is staring at you and waiting for you to mess up, but I promise you, most people are anxious enough about going to school and messing up themselves that they aren't looking for you to mess up. There are always a few people of course who make themselves feel better by putting others down, but the majority of people feel insecure themselves about a variety of issues. I hope the rest of the school year goes well for you. Try to keep an open mind about what others think of you and talk to someone when you need help. Take care of yourself. And be nice to yourself.



Listen.You may not know me...well I one cares about me but,when people call you overweight or say mean things to you,you walk away.No one deserves to be treated this way.I've felt down for so long and it's gotten to my head.Everyone is beautiful whether you're overweight or annarexic or anything.The ugly people are the ones who always bully on people like you and me.You go prove everyone wrong and don't be scared to go to school.You might be an intelligent or are an intelligent girl and prove everyone wrong by losing weight.find yourself the motivation.Look,hold on to hope and I promise you will be fine and you will be better then those people who had bullied you.The only reason people bully each other is because they deny the fact that they themselves have a problem which doesn't make it any right. No one cares about me, but I care for the people who have been just as down as me and we'll I want you to know,when people say mean things to you,you walk away and prove them wrong cos in the end you'll be the better one so please put all your courage to the test.Never let go of hope,you can be whatever you wanna be as long as you know in your heart,you will be better than all the mean people hurting you so please go on And live.

Ignore them if they are calling you overweight then they are insucure.

Hi – some excellent advice above I think.

You know, some people are really shitty. Unfortunately throughout life you will always encounter them. As mentioned above those people who criticize often have their own insecurities.

One thing that deflates these bullying encounters is self-confidence. You must not show that you are affected by staring or comments. These types of people find it amusing when the person that they are picking on react to their actions. Don’t bite. Don’t show that you are bothered. Hold your head up high, you have no reason to feel a lesser person that anyone else. Smile as much as you can so you look happy and confident, even if you are not.

I would strongly recommend that you consider self-defence classes, such as Judo or Karate. The exercise will help you lose weight, but more importantly this type of activity will help build your self-confidence greatly.

Regarding drinking more water – you can also drink TOO MUCH water. Don’t overdo it, you can make yourself ill.

I wish you the best of luck and hope things are not too bad for you when you return to school. I still hate it when I have to return to work after a vacation, I have to work with some shitty people too :)

Don't let them grind you down x