My husband blind-sided me with a divorce (he feels that he needs to find himself which is a whole different story) I was at work one night he didn't want me to come home after, and I really didn't want to see him either. I didn't have a lot of money so I stole from my employer so that I didn't have to sleep in my car and could stay in a hotel. I know that stealing is wrong. I had every intention on putting every last cent back before they found out. Well, they found out before I could do that. I have been experiencing the worst anxiety on top of the realtionship drama. The/my general manager said at first "whoever took the money, put it back and we'll move forward and forget it happened." I secretly put the money back right away. Now a week later, he has changed his tone and said, "good whoever did this has a conscience, but I don't think they should work here any longer. that person needs to come forward before I start digging to find you out." I understand he has the right to change his mind on the situation. Again I know what I did was wrong, I feel terrible about it but I was in panic mode when I took it. I want to make things right but want to know if I have any chance in salvaging my job?


Hi - is there a person higher up or an owner, you think would be more understanding of the circumstances, who you could explain this to?? You could explain you were very stressed out, given the money back and regret doing this. Do you have a credit card for emergencies? I hope this works out for you.