I have been having problems with family and school, and i have been having many anxiety attacks, and i am just wondering if anyone knows a sulotion to stop the anxiety attacks without stoping school or stop talking to my family.


Hi, most self help techniques for anxiety involve deep breathing and positive affirmations, but honestly, if the anxiety is intense you really should see your doctor to see what is causing this.

There are some natural supplements and even some foods that have calming effects but it is still a good idea to see the doctor.

A homeopathic flower potion that is considered safe and can be found in health stores is Bach's Rescue Remedy. A few drops under the tongue has an almost immediate calming effect. But that is not a longterm solution. You need to find out why you are so anxious and then work on how best to treat it. Frequently some time with a therapist, just talking through things, can be very helpful.

Therapy can really be helpful, especially when you are not quite sure what the trigger is for your anxiety. If therapy is not really something you have access to, try to keep a journal and work out what makes you nervous and what freaks you out on a daily basis. Identify these things and accept that you have these issues to deal with. Everyone has issues, so don't feel like your alone -everyone is on the same boat with you. Make a plan to deal with these issues one day at a time, do your best. I know its not easy but it can be done -you can overcome these anxiety triggers with baby steps. There are so many vitamins/supplements out there that can help get your mind on track -diet and exercise are super important too. Take care of yourself and love yourself :) Also, try to come up with a mantra to keep you calm and in control. You can create the mantra that will eventually work for your anxiety.

Hello. I went through the same problem as you when I was a senior in high school. My anxiety attacks were so bad, I did not finish school. I would say counseling, and talking to a trusted friend, or family member really helps in situations like these. As someone who has anxiety, there are certain things that triggered my panic attacks, and I had to learn how to cope through high peaks of anxiety, and attack what was upsetting me. Everyone is different, so you do not really know what you can do to treat them, until you go through counseling, and identify the problem. However, never try to resist, or fight off a panic attack- when you are already feeling overwhelmed, you will only make the symptoms, and effects worse. Just try to breathe deeply, and count backwards from 100- sit down in an open space, where people won't crowd you, and you won't feel boxed in. Good luck. :)

Cognitive behavioral therapy has been proven to help many people who have panic attacks. Basically, CBT involves mental exercises such as self talk, visualization and meditation. One could call it "programming your subconscious" and developing a new way of thinking.

The problem for many who use CBT is that it takes self discipline. In order to be effective, you need to do the "homework". But if you can maintain a good routine and stick with the program, CBT can be effective.

i would recommend talking to your doctor. if you are not able to, try resources at school including counselor.

panic attacks and anxiety can be debiliating and if left unmanaged/treated can get worse (speaking from experience). talking to a professional about your options, rather than trying to self diagnose or self medicate, is the best route both long and short term.

cognitive therapy, including relaxation techniques, can be beneficial, as well as traditional therapy.

alternative and psychiatric medicines and therapies can also help reduce symptoms.

i have also found that consistent exercise, regular sleep (at least 8 hours a night), and a healthy diet can go a long way to naturally reducing or eliminating panic attacks and anxiety.