I am writing here for the purpose that I could get help from people who are going through the same thing that I'm going to or anything relative.
Basically I have not been diagnosed with any anxiety though my GP but I am very sure I have anxiety. The symptoms are mixed with general anxiety symptoms and a little bit of OCD. Obviously its not normal but has anyone experienced different symptoms from different mental disorders, as far as I can remember the last two years I have gone through allot and I don't feel like telling anybody about it. I feel lazy cant concentrate at university even though I try 100% , I feel nervous,tired most of the time,feel worn out and tend to sleep allot and have difficult waking up in the morning to and I am very self concious about my self if I think I don't look good enough I feel anxious start worrying,one day I will be very happy and feel confident and throughout the day I have mood swings. I should also say all these things I think Have affected my personality and the real me. The next day I might be sad or feel angry with certain people, my performance at work most of the time is rubbish sometimes its good but not consistent and feel upset because I know I am much better then that and can perform better at university and work. Most of the time I get lost in useless things on my mind I get really bad headaches and feel tensed, here are the main symptoms and also OCD symptoms

Cannot concentrate
Feel nervous
Difficult to learn
Difficult to work
Difficult to socialise
Very self conscious
No confidence
Worry for no reason

Has anyone gone through this
Have information that can help me
anything that would help thanks allot


Hi - sorry you're struggling and how long have you had these symptoms?? The best thing is to get a professional evaluation, so you can start feeling better. Did you have these problems when you were younger and in school? Reason I ask is, you should be screened for ADD since you complain lack of concentration and performance. Yes anxiety can be very exhausting.

Feel free to join our forum section by clicking on Community. Its better to get help professionally since this is interfering with your life.Best of luck.

I am diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, and I've experienced many of the symptoms you are having, most of them actually, and often with anxiety comes OCD symptoms AND depression..I also have both of these. I would strongly suggest you go see your DR or a therapist. Anxiety can be exhausting, because your mind is ALWAYS worried or focused on what ifs and negative thoughts. A therapist helped me A LOT. Even just talking to someone who understands it will make you feel better :)