I'm 20 years old and what I'm about to tell you has been happening since I was 12 or 13 from what I can remember.

Basically my problem is, is that whenever I'm relaxing at home and just watching T.V. or surfing on the internet or maybe just sitting down and reading, I feel the need to stop whatever thing I'm doing and walk around the house.

I don't touch anything or whatever, like the symptoms of OCD suggest would happen if I had it.
I just walk.

Well and I also talk to myself while I do it.

And I don't realize that I'm talking and walking until I go back to sit down and figure out what exactly I was doing before I got the urge to get up and walk.

The reason why it's becoming a problem is that it's starting to slip into my public life such as work and school.
All of sudden I would get up to go do something such as get something from the office closet or get my paper back from the teacher and my mind drifts off and I'm talking out loud to myself.
It's caused quite a few embarassments but I've been able to play it off as I thought someone was talking to me even though I know full well that I was just talking to myself.

I feel incredibly worried that something may be wrong with me.
My mom says I just have too much energy and that sitting down all day at work and school is supressing my need to let out my energy.

But I excercise, go out with friends, go to concerts and all sorts of activities and yet I feel there is not a day that I haven't done this walking thing since I was 12.

I heard about a disorder like this once when I was taking a psychology class in college but because it's been so long I can't remember what it was.
Does anyone have any idea on what this could be?
I'm not looking for any answers to cure it. Just an identification.
I feel if I could identify it and then research it and talk to a doctor about, maybe then I can feel better about it.


Hm. That's interesting. We've had some people here post slightly similar things. If you search for "depersonalization" you might find some of those posters. From what I remember, there was a dissociative quality to those stories, and there seems to be some dissociative quality in your explanation, too.

I would need some more information, and even then, I don't think I would really know, but:

1. What happens if you DON'T get up and walk around? Do you feel like something bad will happen? (OCD/anxiety)

2. Do you feel like you're in your body when you're walking around? Do you lose touch with reality? (depersonalization, a dissociative disorder)

3. Who is it that you're talking to? Are you shooting ideas back and forth or talking to people who aren't there? Do you think that they are there? (schizophrenia, but I think it's a long, long shot)

If the answer is negative for all those questions, then maybe it's just a form of displacement. Displacement is a zoological term that describes what animals (humans too) do when they get stressed. For example, many animals will pace around, start feeding, or self-grooming. People do all of the same stuff to avoid uncomfortable feelings from boredom to intense fear. Maybe this is something you do when you're bored (in which case, it relates back to anxiety, but a more subtle form).

Either way, don't walk too much, or you may end up like this guy: http://www.kokeshnet.com/wordpress/wp-content/forrest-gump-running-beard.jpg . :)

Would you like to respond?

1. I've hardly ever NOT gotten up before when I had the feeling. But from what I can remember, I felt nauseated or just uncomfortable with myself if I didn't.

2. I definitely feel myself walking around and know that I'm walking around the kitchen over and over again. But I guess sometimes I'm so focused on talking and walking that maybe I do lose focus of where I am exactly.

3. I'm usually talking to other people. I know they're not there but I just imagine a conversation and speak it as if they were there.

Though lately, I should tell you, that whenever I get the urge to walk, instead of just walking aimlessly around the house talking to myself, I put my headphones and music on and that way, I no longer speak to myself.

I still walk though.

Haha, I can't get that Forrest Gump line out of my head now: "That morning, I just felt like running."

I have seen some people with shizophrenia who compulsively walk too much. It could also be OCD like Edahn said or is it a compulsive exercise problem? I think the key question here is who are you talking to - is it someone else or just mumbling to yourself? Another good point Edahn made is - what happens if you don't walk and try to resist - how do you feel then??

There's is a medical condition called RLS which stands for Restless Leg Syndrome where the person feels the need to move their legs too much - the treatment is medication. But a person with this doesn't talk to themselves. Good luck figuring it out. :)

That's what it was! RLS, Restless Leg Syndrome. I thought that's what it was too when I first heard of it when I took that psych class.

It's someone else I'm talking to but it's almost like a practice of conversation than actually talking to them since I tend to repeat the words I'm saying as if to find the correct words.

I myself am thinking OCD, but of course, check with your own doctor and describe the symptoms. They should be able to help you.



Let us know if you ever find a name for it. How's your sleep? You don't have to get up at night? When you're just resting on the sofa, are you able to keep your legs still? I'm glad that it doesn't bother you and good luck.

I used to use Ketamine. This type of walking happened to me after I came down from it one time. It wasn't "disturbing," really.. The only thing I really felt was dissociated from my body. And I talked out loud. Just kind of nonsense... Lots of interesting nonsense. I'd stand up in my room and walk ... my room is very small. Just walk that way, this way. I'd also like you to know, when I was younger, I would practice sentences before I said them, making them perfect. And then I would say them out loud. Before that, I had a psychological breakdown where paranoia (after a lot of drug use) came into play... I would walk around in rooms just like that. And I was disoriented then, when going to take a shower... Again, I was dissociated then. I feel like your issue has to do a lot with thinking too much. I don't know how any of that makes sense... But I have a feeling your thinking has to do with the walking. As if your body is trying to escape from the reality you normally live in. We are some strange creatures.