I am confused about my mind. My whole life my mind will stick on one topic for months or even years at a time. It isn't even usually a worry its just a random thought. Like for years I think about a past relationship that didn't work, then I obsess about my mental health for two years straight, non stop. These thoughts refuse to leave my head. I have always had a compulsion to write things but in the last four years I feel compelled to write down all my thoughts in an effort to get them out of my head, I can spend up to 8 hours a day writing sometimes. Is this just anxiety, a form of depression or OCD? What should I do, I am too embarrassed to go to a Dr?


Here are the symptoms of OCD from http://health.yahoo.com/anxiety-overview/obsessive-compulsive-disorder-ocd-topic-overview/healthwise--ty3382.html

What are the symptoms?

OCD is a chronic or long-term illness, and the symptoms typically increase and decrease over time. Treatment can lessen the severity, but some symptoms may linger after you begin treatment. Anxiety is the most common symptom of OCD. For example, you may have an overall sense that something terrible will happen if you don't follow through with a particular ritual, such as repeatedly checking to see whether the stove is on. If you fail to perform the ritual, you may have immediate anxiety or a nagging sense of incompleteness.

Symptoms of OCD include: 2

* Obsessions, which are recurring, unwanted thoughts, ideas, and impulses that interrupt normal thinking and cause anxiety or fear. The thoughts may be sexual or violent or create a concern of illness. Examples include:

o Persistent fear of harm to yourself or a loved one.

o An excessive need to do things perfectly or correctly.

o A fear of contamination.

* Compulsions, which are behaviors or rituals that are repeated intentionally to try to control the obsessions. Some people have rituals that are rigid and structured, while others have very complex rituals that change. Examples include:

o Washing or checking.

o Counting, often while doing another compulsive action, such as hand-washing.

o Repeating things or endlessly rearranging items to keep them in perfect alignment.

o Hoarding.

o Praying.

People vary in their understanding of their obsessions and compulsions. Sometimes they may recognize their obsessions and compulsions as unrealistic, and at other times they may be unsure of or believe strongly in their fears.


My question is: why are you embarrassed to go to a doctor? You would go to a doctor for a cold, for a flu shot, for that kind of treatment.

What makes a mental issue any different? The doctor is not going to laugh at you (and if they would, you should report them and get them noticed by the AMA).

Doctors are here to help others, thats how they get paid. They would gladly see you, and I am sure they would want to help.

If the symptoms up above seem to be "strong" for you, please do seek help. If you dont want to go to a Dr., at least try at T for a session or at least a priest or a counselor who might help lead you down the right path.

Best of luck! Keep in touch!

Cupcake, did Clyde's answer help you? I think it must have! Please do not feel embarrassment to go to a doctor, that's why they became doctors! (((hugs))) Please post back and let us know how you are doing, ok?


I can't express how much this helped me. I haven't suffered from unwanted negative thoughts (usually the same thing, over and over again and again) for several years, but then it came back again just this February. You seem to have the EXACT same problem I do, and I feel ashamed to go to a doctor about it because I don't want them to give me some "magic pill" to make the anxiety go away. Talking about it helps me a lot. Just remember, you're not alone.

yoga helps anxiety to some extent. -google yoga+anxiety and u will get lot of help.At the root of OCD ...there is anxiety.

also i am researching abt anxiety and yoga ..so lets join hands. I am trying to help my wife who has anxiety , ocd type symptoms. I have heard of linden method...on google ..dont know but seems effective...but its not alternative to

expert advice.


do suggest what do u think abt this


Hi, new here, but not new to blogging places like these. Also, have OCD and bipolar II, with anxiety and panic attacks. Anyway, I like what Clyde posted up on this site in the answer area! Such good info. I personally think the difference between OCD and just lousy, stinkin' thinkin', is what real OCD works in the brain. Not only does someone suffering w/ OCD obsess about something, they're also very, very compulsive in everything they do!! Some have to count to 20 after the toilet flushes, or the world will blow up! It's really irrational thinking.

OCD and anxiety pretty much fall hand in hand, like anxiety and depression. Both are stressful and ridiculous but if you find ways to control it and maybe medication could help you. I would see consoling.

I don't think it is OCD, but probably anxiety. Both are hard to tell apart, but i think it is natural for you to write your thoughts down to clear your mind. I do it quite a lot actually.

i hope these answers help you and you get better