I feel as if people are constantly talking about me, laughing at me, or just looking at me strangely. In situations at work, driving, using the bathroom, I constantly have feeling of being watched. I am enraged, sad, and hurt by all of this. These feeling of constantly being watched are effecting my concentration, and at times it makes me confused. I don't feel real.



Have you discussed things with a doctor or a therapist about this?

This would be my best recommendation at the moment.

Do you have any proof that someone is talking behind your back, or that kind of thing?

Please keep talking and we will try to figure this out...

I know how you feel .people are such bastards.

Hi Frogs, Forgive me but I think this is a matter for a therapist because it sounds like paranoia and possibly even a mood disorder or a social issue. If not, I can tell you that I highly doubt that all people and in all situations people are talking about you or following you. If you feel that this is very true, I urge you to seek medical attention because this could potentially get worse. I'm sure you are a great person and this is all just an illusion but then again it may not be and in this case, please take the time to tell someone you trust or seek medical attention. Good luck and please remember that there is help for everyone, you just have to make the first move. Good luck my friend.