This is a strange question.. but I just wonder.. Has anyone known of anyone that has ADD or ADHD and smoked marijuana and gotten the opposite side affects. What I mean is... when a person has ADD and drinks caffeine... the caffeine will usually calm them down. That is the oppostie affect then it would have on a "normal" person without ADD. SOOOOO... When a normal person smokes marijuana they tend to have the side affects of laziness, munchies and calm. Has anyone heard of anyone that smokes and it makes them hyper, not eat/no appetite, and have insomnia????" I know this sounds crazy.. but just wondering? This is happening to my friend ......and we don't know why


Its a good question and we actually have a good article on this subject but its not a good reason for people to self medicate. Marijuana also has it own risks, linked to susceptibility to schizophrenia. You could post this question in our forum section in the ADD forum and see if anyones had good results or the opposite affect. Here's the article:

My ex boyfriend had adhd and he would smoke weed and he wouldn't get in to fights with his mom as often. He seemed happier when he was smoking weed. So in my opinion yes it does help.

I have adhd and when i smoke weed i act like im on acid or something. i cant function like all of my friends. i actually feel out of control and its scary. i try not to smoke as much anymore because it causes such a ruckus and i cant go home until i've sobered up because its so obvious i messed up. i thought it was just me who got like this, i never thought about maybe there could be a connection between the two.