I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder also known as ADHD mine is the combined type. I am an adult who is trying to be responsible with my life and can't seem to get organized and stay there. I get started but end up stopping and forgetting about it until I attempt to do it again. Does anyone have any Ideas?


Hi Josh,

Here are some links that will help with ADHD stuff: http://psychcentral.com/resources/Attention_Deficit_Disorder/

Here's a web page, specifically about those tips: http://www.livingwithadd.com/tips.shtml

Attention Defecit Disorder Organization: http://www.add.org/

More Time Management stuff: http://www.add.org/articles/index.html#organization

Hope this helps. From what I understand, a lot of people keep lists where they know they can see them, and also try to reward themselves for small (and big) tasks.



Are you taking medication?

I keep a list with a time assigned to each task. Structure and routine are the best. I am in graduate school, and have to be organized. I just got on an antidepressant, Celexa, for my anxiety mainly. Its only been a month, and I'm noticing that I need my "To Do" list and organization/routine list more now than before I was on nothing. You have to learn to compensate for your ADD. Even if it takes an alarm watch every hour beeping to make you check in with yourself and your list. You can do it. It takes more effort, especially if you are not on medicine (Concerta). Don't give up on yourself, there are some really great books (ADD and Romance) out there, read them and develop what works best for you. Sometimes our ADD comes in handy in certain tasks! Best to you!

I would like to say I got organized and it changed my life. What I did was embrace my strengths and forgive, mostly, my weaknesses. I still compare myself to my non ADD friends and come up short. However, my brain works in some highly creative and superior ways. In my job, my compulsive fact finding occasionally comes up with something extremely important. I do work longer hours due to problems associated with the ADD, and my home life is with dogs not people but it is happy -- I would say do the work you must do.

try to get a room in your house all to your self, the only thing that should be in there is a desk a chair and whatever it is you need to work on. if you work in a office try not to keep to many nick-nacks on your desk