This is a strange question.. but I just wonder.. Has anyone known of anyone that has ADD or ADHD and smoked marijuana and gotten the opposite side affects. What I mean is... when a person has ADD and drinks caffeine... the caffeine will usually calm them down. That is the oppostie affect then it would have on a "normal" person without ADD. SOOOOO... When a normal person smokes marijuana they tend to have the side affects of laziness, munchies and calm. Has anyone heard of anyone that smokes and it makes them hyper, not eat/no appetite, and have insomnia????" I know this sounds crazy.. but jus Read More »
I am 55 years old and have had this problem my whole life. I have a lot of energy, eat a good diet and sleep 7 to 8 hours a night. My problem is that whenever I have to concentrate on something, a difficult book or lecture for example, for more than ten minutes I drop off. I can go longer if I am really fresh in the morning, but other than that I tend fall in to a deep sleep. This has made it difficult to learn math, understand physics, or even learn government rules and regulations.

I have a college age son who has ADHD and I notice I share some symptoms with him. Any advice where I Read More »

My husband and I just got into a major arguement about parenting. he thinks I'm lying when I say I'm trying. Its so frustrating. What happens is our ADHD child, doesn't do things the first time he is asked so I did the perscribed 3 times, or so I thought, and my hubby says I did it a lot more.

Then it turned into a free for all. I repeat myself all the time and I lie when I say I don't. I'm the reason our son is doing poorly. I ask too many questions. Spout out too many ideas. *sigh*

I analyze. Its what I do at work, its what I do naturally...that's why I'm good at my job! :( Read More »
Should a child with adhd be disciplined by multiple people?
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Hey, I haven't been here in a while. I'm not going into to much details. I'd just like your best advice on dealing with adult ADHD. Thanks in advance. Read More »
Am seventeen i was diagnosed when i was really young I've been on and off medication all my life but this year I've been on but I still forget things, little things like my phone, notebooks, pencils, or some times homework, important dates or worse my emotions are so erratic some times am so confused i don't know what to do with myself other times I feel like i don't want to talk with anyone my parents think that the meds are the cure so they get upset for every little thing I forget or misplace or say things with out even knowing what I had just said am overwhelmed do I blame myself for Read More »
I have a hard time concetrating and studying since I was 12 years old at school, along with that came other issues, by not being able to study properly, I developed anxiety and depression, I did get to cope barely all over these years, i'm an adult and though I have being able to cope as good as I could, I ended not really resolving these problems, and feel things really went bad this last year, and the tendency, it is just to continue getting worst. It is very hard for me to be present and to concetrate my mind on things and from all the other things I have control in my life, right now real Read More »
I've been living with ADHD since I was very young, possibly since birth. I wasn't diagnosised till about age 6 or 7. I've been on different medications and tried different tactics to keep it under control. I'm 20 now and it's worked for the most part. I'm on a medication that helps hugely, and while I still have struggles it's not as hard as it would be without the medication.

I'm just kind of curious about something I've noticed with my ADHD. I've had fluxuations of high and low symptoms and difficulty. I'll be fine for 3 or 4 months, sometimes up to a year, then suddenly my symptoms and Read More »
I have an eight year old son that has ADHD with mood disorder and ODD. The medicines and therapy are not working. He refuses to take one of his meds, I have told the doctor but he didn't do anything about. Everyday his father, young brother, and I have to deal with him screaming, yelling, argueing, crying over nothing and we don't know what to do anymore, we are at our wits end. I myself have Bi-polar 2 disorder with panic attacks, his younger brother is also adhd. Please help me I dont know what to do anymore. Read More »
I am a young adult with 2 jobs in completely opposite. I am a millworker by day (40hr/week) and a jr web developer/programer by night (20-30hr/week). I am good at my jobs and at the mill am a leader with slightly more responsibility than the average joe. I have always been easily side tracked and have a wandering mind ect which can affect my performance. On days that I go straight from one job to the other, I also have a hard time switching gears and getting into/staying productive at my desk job after a day of screaming saws and wood slinging.

I know and even work with people that take on Read More »